About us

AVAX Development S.A. was founded in 1990 and is a member of the AVAX Group of companies. It is a real estate development and investment company operating in Europe. Having its main focus in Greece its objective is to develop high quality innovative projects and invest in unique properties.

The company mainly focuses on the residential sector exhibiting an outstanding track record in projects of urban properties and holiday homes in renowned tourism destinations, while it simultaneously invests in the commercial sector, in projects of office and retail space.

A member of one of the largest Greek construction groups, AVAX Development has evolved into a distinguished player in the markets it operates. The company’s success and reputation lie in its commitment to quality, innovation and customer satisfaction.


We live in a volatile world. Changing circumstances and unpredictable events affect our everyday lives, the way we enjoy our present and plan for our future. What does one always look for? What does remain timeless and precious no matter how volatile our reality?

The enjoyment of the natural environment in a sustainable manner, quality, aesthetical superiority, the comfort, security and efficiency of one’s living or working space and the sense of purpose when providing for one’s future, are all values that matter and remain stable, regardless of how much our lives change.

At AVAX DEVELOPMENT, we pride ourselves in creating projects that offer our customers real and enduring value in a changing world.



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